All About Transformers

There are many brilliantly written articles on Transformers. However, I've found that often there are gaps in descriptions and ambiguities that I could not turn a blind eye to. This post (hopefully) serves as a more verbose explanation.

I've not quite finished this post just yet.

Keeping up to date with AI

AI and ML have been a highlight topic for a while now, and there numerous research teams working on the latest advancements. But how does one keep up to date with all of that. Here are a few of my favourites:

Two Minute Papers

If perhaps you are not in the mood for wading through the details of a paper and would prefer the exciting details. Two Minute Papers has a YouTube Channel and Twitter. Sometimes watching a video just makes absorbing content, that much easier.

Lex Fridman - AI Podcast

Arguably the best podcast in the realm of AI. Dr Fridman started the podcast in 2018, which is available on most major streaming platforms. Since then he has had some of the most famous names in the intellectual community on his podcast, from Elon Musk, Richard Dawkings, and Michael Stevens the host of the ever famous Vsauce YouTube channel.

Cornell and Google

If you're really looking for brand new breakthroughs, google releases its AI research publications here. Cornell's arXiv scholarly article distribution service can give you the most recent AI papers.

Be warned, these papers are dense.


AI Weekly will send you weekly updated on the latest happenings in the world of AI. AI News is another source worth considering. It is constantly updated with well-written articles.